Monday, January 31, 2011

Working, working

A little experiment in progress from the sand studio. Just letting the sand take me where it will as I try to make things a little more colorful. What do you think?


Andrew said...

I love this animation. Awesome work Corrie! -Andy Martin
I was listening to this song by me when I saw it

Corrie Francis Parks said...

thanks Andy, great suggested soundtrack too! It brings out the poetic side - sorta an animated haiku!

Mark Wenslawski said...

Hi Corrie,

I ran across your blog because a friend of ours from church has a link to it. So weird! I used to be Amy Csider. Hope you're well!

Amy Wenslawski

Corrie Francis Parks said...

Hi Amy! What a funny way to reconnect! Where are you these days?