Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Taking stock

The last month has been a whirlwind. Now that I'm finally home, I'm tallying up some of the facts and figures of "A Tangled Tale's" trip around the festival circuit.
  • 14 different airports 
  • 288 times my animation plays each day above TSA at DIA 
  • 14 buttons to adjust seat 1A on cross-Atlantic flight
  • 6 hrs of weather/maintenance delays
  • 1 missed connection resulting in unexpected stay with mom’s friends in Phoenix
  • 2 naps taken on trains
  • 4 Germans (and 1 American) paddling a canoe on the Alster
  • 8 hrs of marathon all-night closing party in Hamburg (why sleep when you can party)
  • 3 screenings of “A Tangled Tale” at Anncey
  • 12 minutes for 4 animators to paddleboat around the island on Lac du Annecy
  • 1 Belgian animator overboard
  • 106 degrees in Palm Springs when I landed
  • 2 male pole dancers at the Gay!la
  • 5 million (or so) postcards strewn around the PSSF film market
  • 1 happy animator back in her studio!

More stories and photos soon...