Monday, October 24, 2011

World (Sand) Animation Day

That’s right, October 28th is World Animation Day! Time to celebrate the art of animation in all its variations. If you are in the Denver area. ASIFA-Colorado is putting on some great events. But the one I want to highlight (since shameless self-promotion is all the rage) is ME!

I am the featured speaker for Friday’s events and I’ll be giving a LIVE demonstration of sand animation. I will also show some sand animation films, talk about our recently successful Kickstarter campaign for A Tangled Tale, and, I’ll have demonstration station set up so you can try making your own sand animation. This is an unprecedented chance to try this very unusual technique, so be sure to mark your calendars and Celebrate Animation with the World!

When: Friday, Oct. 28 @ 7pm
Where: the Bolt Factory, 209 Kalamath, Unit 7
(round back)

$5 general admission
$3 for ASIFA members


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Goal of $12K!

Exciting Update: We hit our minimum budget goal for A Tangled Tale in less than a month! Now we've stretched our goal to $12,000 by November 7th. See below to find out how we'll use the extra money!

Our original goal of $8,000 was the bare minimum we needed for post-production. If we reach $12,000 before Nov. 7th, I'll have the great joy of expanding our budget in the following directions:

  • Music Madness: I've been talking to one of my favorite musicians about the score for the film and I'm thrilled he will be composing for us. We're still working out the contract so extra dollars will just sweeten the deal.
  • Sounding Off: Sound is at least 50% of the cinema experience. Some would argue more! Getting a sweet surround sound mix involves a lot of people - sound designers, mixers, recording technician and foley artists.
  • Going Green: we want our marketing materials and backer rewards to be environmentally friendly, but green printing adds to the budget. Extra funding will help us keep our commitment to being green.
  • Festival Frenzy: The average festival entry fee is around $35, and most filmmakers submit to at least 100 festivals! Once a film is in, there's shipping prints, marketing materials and travelling, which all add up. But getting a short film on a big screen near you is our goal, and the more we can put in our festival budget the better chance we have of getting "A Tangle Tale" on the next Oscar list!
  • Production Deadlines: Why stop at $12K? If we double our goal, I will be able to take a month off from freelance work and focus entirely on getting the film done ahead of schedule. That means you get your rewards sooner and the party starts early!

These are all working artists and technicians that make the cinema experience and they deserve to earn a living. Consider yourself a patron of the arts by pledging your support! Thank you again, for getting us past the "bare minimum" goal. We are very excited to see what we can do with a larger budget. 150%, here we come!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sand Painting

A a special incentive for backing A Tangled Tale on I've created 2 sand paintings, done in the hand-tinted style of the film. The first is the Maroon Bells, near my home in Aspen, CO.
"Bell Shower"

"Tallac Tack"

There will be 25 signed limited-edition 8x10 prints of each of these painting available to backers only and only while they last! All it takes is a pledge of $75.

Additionally, backers at the $1,000 level have the opportunity to commission a single-edition sand painting (i.e. you chose the size and subject and will have the only print in the world!).

Again, (can I say it enough?) thank you so much for your support! I have no doubt we can make and even exceed that $8,000 mark well before Nov. 7th. All it takes is a little push, a little share-the-luv. So email, blog, tweet and tumble these new works of art in support of the film!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kickstarting- A Tangled Tale


Post-production is expensive so we are reaching out to our social networks! Check out A Tangled Tale on