Friday, May 17, 2013

Look up! Animation invades DIA

If you fly out of Denver International Airport this spring and summer, you can't miss the two new video towers at TSA security. They are meant to draw the eye up and out of the snaking security line, away from our texting and tweeting, into the loving arms of the advertisers. But, thanks to DIA's flourishing art initiative, you will also find work from 4 media artists in between the ads.

I'm telling you this because two of those works are by me! The first is a whimsical paint-on-glass piece called The Orange Umbrella. 

The other is Narrow Gauge, which was also featured in 2011 on the Denver Theater District's jumbotron.

I chose both these works to be included because they are colorful interpretation of the world that incite the imagination, something that can add value to the dreary processes of getting poked and picked at by security. Just one more way that animation can make the world a better place.

So, if you find yourself in a long line at DIA, take a moment to look up! If you see them, send me an email or tag me in your tweet (@corriefrancis). It really makes my day to hear about sightings!

The other artists featured are Mark Amerika, Stephen Hume and David Fodel. A special thanks to Matt Chasansky, the art curator at DIA who put the show together, as well as the Denver International Airport Art and Culture Program and Clear Channel Airports for bending the commercial enterprise to benefit artists and the public!