Monday, May 24, 2010

Promoting Good Animation!

I must admit, I'm not caught up on this year's hot tv series. While my husband and in-laws are watching the final episode of "24", I am catching up on the latest online coolness in animation. Here are some highlights from my evening of streaming:

The most interesting use of rotoscope technique I've seen in a while. A really beautiful and innovative piece with many layers (figuratively and literally).

Another unusual piece by Hettie Griffiths is Cardif Viral

SCINTILLATION from Xavier Chassaing. This one, I can't quite figure out: But it is pretty cool to watch!

"Nude" a music video by Dancing Diablo. Some unusual paint-on-glass techniques combined with stopmotion. Note how smooth and slow the magnifying glasses move. That's not easy to do!

Want to see even more? You can see my whole list of favorites from the evening on Twitter!


Tuff Animation said...

Hi Corrie, thanks for those! I'm enjoying your blog and films, and appreciated the recommendation to get 'animating reality'. First saw your work in the 2008 Homegrown programme in NZ (not sure if you were still about then, but if so my stop-mo 'Swing' was there too). Look forward to seeing more great animation - keep up the good work! Dawn

Corrie Francis said...

Hi Dawn, I wasn't in the country at the time my short played at Homegrown so I missed your short. Is it online anywhere?

I'm giving a brief workshop at the NZ Mountain Film Fest in Wanaka this July. If your looking for good films and snow, come on down.